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The statement from Cahero MenOro highlights their commitment to quality and safety in their food products. By emphasizing that their DNA, or fundamental principle, is to provide products with the highest certifications in the food industry, Cahero MenOro assures customers of their dedication to excellence. These certifications are likely to include various international standards that ensure food safety, quality, and possibly ethical sourcing.

Being in compliance with international standards means that Cahero MenOro adheres to strict guidelines set by global food safety and quality authorities. These standards cover a wide range of criteria, including how food is grown, processed, packaged, and shipped. Adhering to such standards is crucial for companies that want to ensure the safety and quality of their products, as well as for building trust with consumers who are increasingly concerned about the quality and origin of their food.

Moreover, the use of the term "DNA" in this context suggests that these commitments are deeply ingrained in the company's values and operations. It implies that every step of their production process, from sourcing raw materials to delivering the final product, is guided by a commitment to maintaining the highest possible standards. This approach not only fosters consumer confidence but also positions Cahero MenOro as a responsible and reliable player in the competitive food industry.

Quality first


The Hass avocado, originating from Mexico, is one of the most popular and widely consumed avocado varieties in the world. Known for its distinctive pebbly skin that turns from a bright green to a deep purple or almost black when ripe, the Hass avocado is celebrated for its creamy texture and rich, nutty flavor. This variety was first cultivated in the early 20th century by Rudolph Hass, a postman who turned horticulturist, in California. However, its roots trace back to Mexico, where the climate and soil conditions are ideal for avocado cultivation. Mexico, particularly the state of Michoacán, is the world's top avocado producer, and the Hass variety thrives there, benefiting from the region's rich volcanic soil and favorable weather patterns.

The cultivation of Hass avocados in Mexico is a major economic driver and an integral part of the agricultural sector. The region's natural environment allows for year-round growing, which is crucial in meeting the global demand for avocados. The farmers in Mexico have honed their avocado-growing techniques over generations, ensuring high-quality produce. This expertise, combined with modern agricultural practices, allows for sustainable and efficient production while maintaining the distinctive qualities of the Hass avocado. The industry not only supports local economies but also plays a significant role in Mexico's exports, with a large percentage of the crop being shipped to international markets, particularly the United States.

The popularity of Mexican Hass avocados extends beyond their culinary uses; they are also celebrated for their health benefits. Rich in monounsaturated fats, vitamins, and minerals, they are a nutritious addition to any diet. The Hass variety's buttery texture makes it a favorite in various dishes, from the traditional Mexican guacamole to more contemporary culinary creations like avocado toast and smoothies. Its versatility and flavor profile have contributed to the growing global demand for avocados, making the Hass variety a staple in kitchens around the world. The success of the Hass avocado from Mexico is a testament to the country's rich agricultural heritage and its ability to produce a fruit that has gained international acclaim.

Avocado Hass


High-quality protection and freshness for our avocados:

25 lb / 11.5 kg

Cardboard Box

Practicality and safety to transport avocados.

22 lb / 10 kg

Plastic Box


Cahero MenOro Avocado Hass Calibers

The Hass avocado size chart, measured in calibers ranging from 28 to 84, represents a detailed and standardized system for categorizing the fruit based on its diameter. In this system, the numbers generally refer to the count of avocados that fit into a standard box, with smaller numbers indicating larger fruit. For instance, a caliber size of 28 means that 28 avocados fit into the box, and these would be significantly larger compared to those in a box of caliber 84, where 84 smaller avocados fit. This system is particularly useful for growers, distributors, and retailers to sort, price, and market avocados based on size.

In the middle range of this spectrum, sizes like calibers 48, 60, and 70 are commonly found in retail settings. These sizes offer a balance between size and quantity, making them suitable for a variety of uses. Caliber 48 avocados are large enough to be used in dishes where a significant amount of avocado is needed, like salads or guacamole, while still being manageable in size. Caliber 60 and 70 avocados, being slightly smaller, are versatile for both individual servings and culinary preparations. These mid-range sizes are popular among consumers for their versatility and convenience.

At the extremes of the size chart, caliber 28 avocados are some of the largest available, often sought after for their impressive size and substantial amount of edible flesh. These are ideal for occasions where a large quantity of avocado is needed, or for consumers who prefer a larger fruit. On the other hand, caliber 84 avocados are much smaller, catering to those who might want a single-serving avocado or smaller portions for individual use. The diversity in size from caliber 28 to 84 ensures that there is a Hass avocado suitable for every need and preference, whether it be for bulk culinary use, family meals, or individual consumption. This range demonstrates the adaptability of the Hass avocado to various market demands and consumer needs.


Available all year

The availability of Hass avocados in Mexico, including the Mendes variety, is remarkably consistent throughout the year, owing to the country's ideal growing conditions and advanced agricultural practices. Mexico, particularly regions like Michoacán and Jalisco, boasts a climate and soil composition that are perfect for avocado cultivation. The temperate climate, characterized by a mix of rainy and dry seasons, along with the fertile volcanic soil, provides an environment where avocado trees can flourish. This enables multiple harvests throughout the year, ensuring a steady supply of Hass avocados, including the Mendes variant. The continuous production cycle is a significant advantage, allowing Mexico to be the world's leading exporter of avocados.

The Mendes Hass avocado, a specific lineage within the Hass variety, also benefits from these optimal growing conditions. The farmers' expertise in avocado cultivation, honed over generations, plays a crucial role in maintaining the year-round availability of these avocados. They employ sustainable and efficient farming practices, which include proper tree maintenance, soil health management, and careful monitoring of growth conditions. This attention to detail ensures that the Mendes Hass avocados, like their Hass counterparts, are available in consistent quality throughout the year. The ability to produce avocados year-round is not only beneficial for the local economy but also caters to the increasing global demand for avocados.

The year-round availability of Hass and Mendes Hass avocados from Mexico has significant implications for the global avocado market. It ensures a stable supply for international markets, making these avocados a staple in various cuisines worldwide. This constant availability is crucial for consumers and businesses alike, as it provides predictability for pricing, supply chain management, and menu planning for chefs and restaurateurs. Additionally, it supports the growing trend of healthy eating, as avocados are a nutrient-rich food source. The year-round presence of Mexican Hass and Mendes Hass avocados in the market underscores Mexico's pivotal role in the global avocado industry and its ability to meet the continuous demand for this popular fruit.


At Cahero MenOro, our unwavering commitment is to provide you with personalized attention that exceeds your expectations. We take pride in being available to serve you every single day of the year, ensuring that your needs are met promptly and efficiently. Our dedication to exceptional customer service means that you can reach out to us at any time without hesitation. Whether you have questions, require assistance, or seek tailored solutions, our team is here to assist you 24/7, 365 days a year. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities, and we are ready to go the extra mile to meet your unique requirements. Feel free to contact us whenever you need support, and experience the Cahero MenOro difference in personalized service.

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The Mendez Hass avocado from Mexico represents a specific and unique lineage within the broader Hass avocado variety. Grown primarily in Mexico, the world's leading producer of avocados, the Mendez Hass distinguishes itself through certain characteristics that might be attributed to the specific region it's cultivated in, as well as the particular cultivation practices used. Like all Hass avocados, the Mendez variant features the variety's signature pebbly skin, which transitions from green to a rich, purplish-black hue as it ripens. The flesh remains consistent with the Hass standard – creamy, rich, and with a buttery yet subtly nutty taste that makes it a favorite in culinary uses.

The cultivation of the Mendez Hass avocado in Mexico is deeply rooted in the country's agricultural traditions, particularly in regions known for their favorable avocado-growing conditions. These areas, blessed with rich, volcanic soil and an ideal climate, provide the perfect environment for growing high-quality avocados. Mexican farmers, many of whom have been in the avocado farming business for generations, bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the cultivation process. Their expertise is crucial in nurturing the Mendez Hass avocados to meet both national and international quality standards. This dedication to quality has helped Mexico, and specifically the Mendez Hass variety, earn a reputation for producing some of the finest avocados in the world.

The Mendez Hass avocado's journey from Mexican orchards to global markets is a story of both cultural significance and economic impact. Avocado farming, particularly of the Hass variety, is a vital industry in Mexico, contributing significantly to the local and national economy. The Mendez Hass, with its sought-after flavor and texture profile, is a key player in this sector. Its popularity extends far beyond Mexico, with high demand in international markets, especially in the United States and Europe. Consumers globally seek out the Mendez Hass for its superior taste and versatility, whether for traditional dishes like guacamole or for more modern culinary trends. The global appreciation of the Mendez Hass avocado is a testament to Mexico's rich agricultural heritage and its ability to produce a variant of the Hass avocado that stands out in the global market.

Avocado Mendez

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